Al-Nafoura Kuala Kumpur

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Al-Nafoura is an Arab restaurant specializing in Yemeni foods located at Wangsa Maju, Setapak. This restaurant has a simple setup staffed by mixed of friendly locals and Arabs.  You can find a good mix of exotic Arab foods here.

Malawah or Malawach traditional yemeni bread

Malawah or Malawach traditional Yemeni flat bread.  This large crunchy bread is paratha/roti canai alike and can be served with various dishes ‘Tapas’. These breads are cooked with tandoori oven similar to those that you can find in typical mamak restaurant. You can order a mix of these with rices if you come in a large group.


Lamb Saltah, a popular Yemeni dish and signature dish for Al-Nafoura. Saltah is a sourly stew like dish with deep colored meat choices such as lamb or chicken. Usually cooked with tomatoes, potatoes and eggs on top.  The dish is actually sizzling when it’s served. The smoking fragrance of the dish is quite appetizing. Saltah blends well with the Malawah bread.


There is also bean version of Saltah. The broth are similar in taste with the lamb saltah except for the ingredients.


Madgoud rice. This biryani alike rich features choice of meat such as chicken and lambs. These rice are cooked with a pressure cooker for 20 odd minutes.

arabic food, hummus

Hummus is also a very popular Arab food.

Al-Nafoura has also a wide variety of fruit juices , teas and many more.

ambarella juice, popular fresh drink in south east asia served with lime

Ambarella juice, popular fresh drink in south east asia served with lime

Kuala Lumpur, POLAND - Juley 30, 2016: Barbican, non-alcholic halal shariah compliant beer with setup background

Barbican, a non-alcholic beer is also available at Al-Nafoura.

If you are not too sure what to order, their staffs are friendly and will guide you on the order. The menus are quite extensive especially if you are keen to try new stuffs. The owner Ms. Izana is also helpful on dish recommendations whenever she is around. Overall this place is worth a visit and I’ll definitely go another round when I’m around that area.  If you are keen to try this place out you can visit them at

This place is around 4 minutes from Wangsa Maju LRT

Address: No9-g, Jalan Maju Ria, Block B, Wangsa Maju.

Opening Hours : This place opens at 11am until 11pm. There will be a 1 hour prayer breaks on Friday.

Alternatively their Facebook page is located here

You can also call them up for reservation at 0166081114 , they also provide catering services for functions.


kunafa, traditional arab dessert similar with cheese cake
Kunafa, traditional Arab dessert similar with cheese cake