Authentic Kuching Cuisine, Seremban

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Authentic Kuching Cuisine, Seremban

Basically you do not need to hop into airplane and travel to Sarawak for authentic Kolo Mee. They are all available in Authentic Kuching Cuisine at Oakland Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

I been to the beautiful city, Kuching, Sarawak years ago, love their Kolo Mee. Remembering when I stay at Four Point Hotel, I walk to the shop nearby to have a bowl of Kolo Mee everyday for the whole trip period.

While in West Malaysia, hardly can find a good authentic taste of Kolo Mee, even there is, very far away from me. Great to know that there is a restaurant is actually serving authentic Kolo Mee and it is so near to me.

Beside the Kolo Mee, you can try their Kuching Laksa and their Manicai Beehoon. The 3 layers Kuching Coffee also one of the highlight (do inform the shop if you need less sugar).

If you’re around Seremban, do dropby this restaurant to try out their food.

About Authentic Kuching Cuisine Restaurant

Authentic Kuching Cuisine is a non-halal restaurant having started its humble beginning in August 2017. Armed with years of experience in the industry from its parent origin, Authentic Kuching Cuisine is not just another restaurant that sells Kuching food. It is a purposeful business, runs with a unique business model driven by cultural and serving mission in its core. Through our food, Authentic Kuching Cuisine connects fellow Sarawakians of various ethnicity back to their roots while introducing quality Kuching food to Peninsulans and others outside Sarawak. We wish to make fellow Sarawakians feel home and proud to introduce Kuching food to their friends who are new to our food. We aim to provide the right representation of Kuching food in this far-away land.
Through our service, we transcend Sarawakian’s service culture and attitude. Through our Sarawakian customers, they transcend true cultural diversity and harmony. Our serving mission strives to serve not only our customers but also all our stakeholders. We are proud to be governed by our service charter in our effort to make a difference.

Authentic Kuching Cuisine Restaurant

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495, Jalan Haruan 4/4, Oakland Commercial Centre, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Operation Hour:
8am–3pm (closed on every Monday)