Best Asam Laksa in Penang

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Best Places to Have Asam Laksa in Penang

Asam Laksa is a dish that consists of fish-based broth with shredded fish meat accompanied by vegetables such as cucumber, onions, pineapples, red chillies and lettuce. The fish meat that is usually used is either mackerel, sardine or both. Asam Laksa’s broth includes tamarind juice, lemongrass and chillies. The dish is then topped with a tablespoon of prawn paste when it is served. Asam Laksa is so famous in Penang to the extent that CNN featured it as one of the World’s Best 50 Food List in 2011. So, here are the some of the best places that you can have Asam Laksa in Penang.


Pasar Air Itam Laksa

Pasar Air Itam Laksa is a family-run business that has been operating for close to 61 years and it is currently operated by its second generation. Many people are drawn to the authenticity and spiciness of the Asam Laksa along with the generous portion of the ingredients. The operators are friendly to as they make time to gesture their customers to empty tables despite that they are busy preparing bowls of Asam Laksa. Nevertheless, this place is always packed with people and cars as it is near the Air Itam market. The opening hours are from 11.15AM to 7.30PM daily.


Kim’s Laksa

Kim’s Laksa is an Asam Laksa stall that can be found in Nan Guang Coffee Shop, a coffee shop located in Balik Pulau. It is located between the T-junction of Jalan Tun Sardon and Jalan Balik Pulau. This stall is famous for its thick and pungent taste of the Asam Laksa’s broth. On top of that, do not forget to wash everything down with a glass of fresh white nutmeg juice with sour palm to make it a perfect meal. Besides Asam Laksa, they also serve other varieties of Laksa such as Siam Laksa and Mix Laksa. The opening hours are from 11AM to 5PM and they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Sin Hwa Coffee Shop Asam Laksa

The Asam Laksa at Sin Hwa Coffee Shop is made by a cook named Max. He adds huge chunks of mackerel fish meat and fresh vegetable toppings into the Asam Laksa broth. He has been selling Asam Laksa at this coffee shop for the past 6 years and he gained his own regulars and fans as a result of that. Besides Asam Laksa, this stall also serves Spicy Laksa Lemak. The opening hours are from 10AM to 4PM and it is closed on Mondays.


Taman Emas Coffee Shop Asam Laksa

Taman Emas Coffee Shop Asam Laksa is located opposite of Penang Chinese Girls’ High School on Gottlieb Road. The seller encourages the customers to add a fun and unique twist to their Asam Laksa by adding on some Poh Piah (Spring Roll). You can either drench the Poh Piah in the Asam Laksa broth or dip with it. The cook uses both sardine and mackerel in their Asam Laksa broth, thereby giving it a distinct and unique flavour. The opening hours are from 12PM to 5.15PM and they are closed on Mondays.


Penang Road Famous Laksa

Penang Road Famous Laksa is a popular coffee shop that is hard to miss if you are walking or driving along Penang Road. However, be prepared to wait for a table if you choose to come here on weekends or during the public holidays. In order to save yourself some time, you can also order from the stall and carry your bowl of Asam Laksa by yourself to the table. The Asam Laksa found here has a thick broth because of the amount of shredded fish added to it. As an additional good measure, you can add two fish balls into the Asam Laksa. The opening hours are from 10.30AM to 5PM daily.


Penang Laksa at Jelutong

Penang Laksa at Jelutong is sold from a food truck or a modified lorry. The food truck can be found behind the Jelutong Post Office. It is always bustling with people in the middle of the afternoon and tables can be seen set up along the pavement. Most people are there to take away, though. The Asam Laksa broth at this place is slightly spicier and has the right balance of spiciness and sourish tang from the Assam. The opening hours are from 3PM to 6PM and they are closed on Wednesdays.