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糖公館 Tang Mansion

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Rate this place 糖公館 Tang Mansion, Kluang 「糖公館」Tang Mansion 一个以唐人传统甜品为主,并且融合多元饮食风格作为餐饮哲学的餐馆。而“多元与传统”饮食的发展正是此家餐馆的设计出发点。早在20世纪殖民时期开始,各国唐人餐馆已延伸出多种餐饮文化,在各种混合异国风格的建筑中成长。而我们的南洋饮食风格就是其中之一。 糖水,又称甜羹。是一种午茶闲暇或晚餐之后,习惯叫上三两个朋友去吃的甜品。这恰好与本土人生活作息吻合。藉此我们探索着这种食物与人文风俗的关系。把多元的食物与糖水进行有趣的搭配甚至创造出不同的菜色,最终把这种适合南洋口味的协调感呈现给食客。 糖水所用的食材皆以草本为原料,而不同糖水也有不同疗效。一碗好的糖水需经过多种秘制配方精研烹煮,為了把食材熬煮出属于它自己原来的价值与食材本身纯浓的味道,入口不腻,齿颊留香。 Operation Hours Mon 14:00 – 23:00 Tue Closed Wed – Fri 14:00 – 23:00 Sat 14:00 – 23:30 Sun 14:00 – 23:00 No.6, Jalan Komersil Kluang 2, Pusat Perniagaan Komersil, Jalan Haji Manan, 86000 Kluang, Johor

Random Dessert 随意甜品

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Rate this place A decent dessert stall open at S2S FoodCourt. I found special to have such dessert stall in a traditional chinese foodcourt where we always find pan mee, wantan mee or chicken rice. Look at their Soufflé, it is an art which you don’t wish to put a spoon on it. “A soufflé…

The Muffin House

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Rate this placeThe Muffin House located at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue, and they started up a branch at Cheras C180 area recently. It been operating for more than 10years, first location at Lobak, Seremban then moved to current location. They serve fusion menu which consist oriental and western menu, plus Japanese menu too. They’re famous…

Togather 讲饮讲食中西茶餐厅

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Rate this placeTogather 讲饮讲食中西茶餐厅 is a HongKie style Cafe which you can find almost everything in their menu. They started their chain restaurant from Seremban 2, then to Kepong, the Cheras and now they just open up their new restaurant at Puchong. They work hard to create new menu, creative ideas in their food always…

Kung Fu Restaurant at Cyberjaya

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Rate this place This is a NON-HALAL restaurant, and it is located in Cyberjaya. As you know it is not easy to find Chinese Food in Cyberjaya. Kung Fu Restaurant had operated for more than 4 years and their business is doing really good. The restaurant Interior Design based on oriental concept. You feel like…

Boba Shen Grand Opening

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Rate this place Boba Shen Grand Opening at Rasah Prima, the only place I can enjoy bubble tea while playing old school arcade games to the latest PS4 games and the best of all the racing simulator with surround sound. Sound Great isn’t it? Grand Opening Details. Date: 9 Nov 2019, Saturday. Location: Rasah Prima…