Kenyzestore CNY Cookies and Snacks

Kenyze’s Store CNY Cookies and Snacks

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Rate this place Kenyze’s Store now open for pre-order for CNY Cookies and snacks. You can order them as a gift to friends, clients, or family members, cookies always the best gift during CNY. Everyone loves to have cookies while chit chatting or group activities. NOW, Kenyze’s Store have 4 new products: Classic Choc Chip…

Foodpanda Vouchers & Promo codes in Malaysia

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Rate this placevouchers, promo codes, and more PROMO CODE DEAL VALID FOR VALID UNTIL CUBAPANDA RM10 OFF* with code CUBAPANDA *Valid when you spend RM20 and more on your first order.  New Customers 1 Nov 30 Nov (or while stocks last) RIANGLAGI RM6 OFF* with code RIANGLAGI on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday *Valid for all restaurants for…

Malaysia's top 10 foods

Malaysia’s top 10 foods

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Rate this place People always say Malaysian food isn’t getting the global recognition it deserves. But the fact everybody loves Malaysian food so much. There are so many delicious Malaysian cuisine’s influences include Chinese, Indian and Malay. Once you’re in Malaysia and eating, you can not stop, and there are more variety of foods always…

Homemade Premium Loh Mai Kai with Abalone by Kenzye’s Store

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Rate this place There always a good way to get good food around neighbourhood. Now there is a very little Glutinous Rice as it is OVERLOADED with “liew” (ingredients), with abalone. Unlike normal Loh Mai Kai you get from Dim Sum Restaurant, this one is far more better with full of delicious ingredient. Now you…