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Rate this place Thanks to technology, we do not need to step out from our home, we basically can buy anything, or everything through the internet. We can do Online Grocery Shopping and Online learning site for Children. When you feel hungry, you can order food through online or mobile app. If you feel bored,…

The Muffin House

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Rate this placeThe Muffin House located at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue, and they started up a branch at Cheras C180 area recently. It been operating for more than 10years, first location at Lobak, Seremban then moved to current location. They serve fusion menu which consist oriental and western menu, plus Japanese menu too. They’re famous…

Two Pesos Malaysia

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Rate this place Hot pot is still a traditional food in Taiwan with lots of improvement space. No one will ever consider hot pot as a convenient daily meal option. So our founder Chen & Charlie decided to start a hot pot outlet in New Taipei City with our now famous stone pot and milky…

Ishin Japanese Dining

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Rate this placeIshin Japanese Dining, located at Old Klang Road, which consider as a hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur City. Their cozy ambience really make you feel like you’re in Japan. The food serving or the food presentation, you can consider it as art. Having a meal in Ishin Japanese Dining is a total Food…