Foodpanda Vouchers & Promo codes in Malaysia

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Rate this placevouchers, promo codes, and more PROMO CODE DEAL VALID FOR VALID UNTIL CUBAPANDA RM10 OFF* with code CUBAPANDA *Valid when you spend RM20 and more on your first order.  New Customers 1 Nov 30 Nov (or while stocks last) RIANGLAGI RM6 OFF* with code RIANGLAGI on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday *Valid for all restaurants for…

Online grocery shopping stores

List of Online grocery shopping stores in Malaysia, Klang Valley & Nationwide

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Rate this place List of Malaysia online grocery shopping stores in Klang Valley & Nationwide, you can do your purchase through their online shopping portal. Stay away from crowded area, especially if you’re squeeze yourself todo last minute stock up now. Keep yourself safe at home during this covid-19 season! Here is a list of…

Moo Noi Mookata & BBQ

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Rate this place由于疫情蔓延政府采取Movement Control 但阻碍不了我们把食物送到你家 简单的食材烹调搭配让你有非一般的味道 欢迎大家继续向我们order让我们为你服务 售价 1 Set RM24 4pcs 我们一共有5个口味 Lemongrass Signature Garlic BBQ Cajun 你可以选择你喜欢的口味一套有4 Pcs 这段期间在家BBQ或者烹煮一锅熟的火锅 可以购买我们店家3种口味的酱料哦.. 售价 1 pack sauce RM6 350gram 我们一共有3个口味 Thaisuki Thaigreenchili BBQsingnature 酱料我们是一包一包售卖 Ordering Time : 10AM time’s up “在你看到这个post文无论是几点都可以msg Order你隔天的午餐” Delivery Time : 1PM-3PM process Delivery WhatsApp Order To : +6011-10519126 Facebook Page: Moo…