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Random Dessert 随意甜品

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Rate this place A decent dessert stall open at S2S FoodCourt. I found special to have such dessert stall in a traditional chinese foodcourt where we always find pan mee, wantan mee or chicken rice. Look at their Soufflé, it is an art which you don’t wish to put a spoon on it. “A soufflé…

The Muffin House

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Rate this placeThe Muffin House located at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue, and they started up a branch at Cheras C180 area recently. It been operating for more than 10years, first location at Lobak, Seremban then moved to current location. They serve fusion menu which consist oriental and western menu, plus Japanese menu too. They’re famous…

Togather 讲饮讲食中西茶餐厅

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Rate this placeTogather 讲饮讲食中西茶餐厅 is a HongKie style Cafe which you can find almost everything in their menu. They started their chain restaurant from Seremban 2, then to Kepong, the Cheras and now they just open up their new restaurant at Puchong. They work hard to create new menu, creative ideas in their food always…