Continental Hotel Chicken Rice Seremban

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This is one of the good venue to have chicken rice in Seremban. Contiental Hotel Chicken rice has been an underdog with less attention while folks from Klang Valley are happily flocking to the expansive yet also good Chai Hong chicken rice.


The service is great while many locals from different races flocks to this place. This place has some regular local fans. The boss and the lady boss is quite tentative while busy taking orders from lunch crowds.  For a start, you can get a plate of standard size chicken rice here for less than RM 7 which is quite a standard around Klang Valley and Seremban.


The rice is very good. It’s served warm while It has very strong chicken flavor while being not too hard. It’s best not to arrive too late to this place for lunch as the rice may get a little cold.


This place serves steam and roasted chicken. We prefer steamed ones. Other add onn available are chicken feet and innards

The chicken is very good too. Nicely with garlic/ginger sauce and spring onion on top. The meat are tender while not being too fat. I presumed the owner took most of the fat parts for rice cooking.


No chicken rice is perfect without any chili sauce. The sauce here is above average and a little bit spicier. Every table has their own big bowl of sauce.


Overall experience is great, I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants a cheaper alternative of good chicken rice in Seremban. You can have this chicken rice every week without blowing out your budget.

Getting there

Continental Chicken Rice is located next to Umno building in Seremban Town. Restaurant  starts around 11am to after lunch.