How to Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy Lifestyle

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How to Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy eating lifestyle is a way of living that can typically lower the risk of being seriously ill or dying in early stage of life. Even though not all diseases are preventable, but a large group of deaths, particularly those from coronary heart disease and lung cancer, can be avoided. This is not only for individuals but also for those helping others stay healthy: Parents, caretakers, teachers, and healthcare providers.

It’s not only what and how much we eat but also, it seems, how we eat that’s important.

What to Eat

Healthy eating is a key to good health. Eat minimally processed, whole foods, drink more water or other beverages that are natural.

How much to eat

Age, gender, body size, and level of physical activity decide how much calories that you need each day to stay at a healthy. Adopt a good eating habits that will help you avoid overeating and skip some of the high-calorie, low-nutrient foods.

How to Avoid Overeating

– Eat Breakfast – you will never get the back fire in the mid afternoon if you skip it.

– Small portions and eat slowly – eating slow will allows the brain to tell stomach when it enough, avoid overeating.

– Eat at home – eat out always getting bigger portion and less nutritious.

– Plan your meals – this allows you to know what you’re actually eating and avoiding the needless calories.

Having a good habit in eating with the proper plan for it always allows you to have the healthy diet.

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” -William Londen