Juice Meds

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If you haven’t heard of Juice Meds, this product has been in the Malaysian market for quite sometime. Juice Meds is a type of healthy beverage that is available in restaurants and shopping centers around Malaysia. Juice Meds are USDA organic certified which means that these juices are made from materials that follow certain organic farming standards. Juices are 100% organic and it’s made from various combination of  fruits and vegetables such as celery, apple, parsley, ginger and many more. Juice meds come with choices of small or large bottle which looks pretty cool.

At the moment of writing there are 8 flavors available. Among the top choices available is Signature Greens with combination of celery, apple, kale, parsley, lemon, ginger and mint. If you noticed, most of these juices are in striking colors which are rich in antioxidants.




Juice Med’s mineral dense tower garden where herbs are grown organically.


Farm produce are carefully handpicked with stringent process. The workers will be pressing juice with a juicer machine which is proprietary to Juice Meds. There are no water involved while prcessing the juices. Juices are made completely with fresh materials with no artificial coloring or flavors.These refreshing juices are perfect when served chill after a hot day in Malaysian weather.


Online orders are also available at your convenience. If you are keen on Juice Meds , you can check out more information on



email: juicemeds@gmail.com