Malaysia Online Food Delivery, Online Shop Nationwide

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List of Malaysia Online Food Delivery, Online Shop Nationwide

Thanks to technology, we do not need to step out from our home, we basically can buy anything, or everything through the internet. We can do Online Grocery Shopping and Online learning site for Children. When you feel hungry, you can order food through online or mobile app. If you feel bored, you can do online shopping through internet or flip through on your mobile device. Is so convenient now, effortless can do purchase while you’re resting on your couch at home.

Keep yourself safe at home during this covid-19 season! Here is a list of Online Food Delivery, Online Shop nationwide you can use.

Online Food Delivery Service (The Top 8 in Malaysia)

  1. dahmakan – value food delivery (also accept cash, paypal, works without credit card)
  2. QuickSent – Halal and pork-free food delivery
  3. Honestbee –  food delivery service for KL area
  4. Food Panda – 24-hour food delivery service
  5. GrabFood – food delivery app
  6. The Naked Lunchbox – vegetarians & for weight loss
  7. Epic Fit
  8. Shogun2u – Japanese fusion food delivery service

Drive through Service in Malaysia

  1. McDonalds Drive Thru
  2. KFC Drive Thru
  3. Starbucks Drive Thru
  4. A&W Drive Thru
  5. Burger Kings Drive Thru

Online Shopping Sites