Malaysia’s 1st Mille Moon Crepes by Vanilla Crepe

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Malaysia’s 1st Mille Moon Crepes by Vanilla Crepe

马来西亚首创千层冰皮月饼,这个这么独特的冰皮月饼来自Vanilla Crepe。他们一直热衷于创新,把千层蛋糕一而再的提升顾客的饮食体验感,突破了消费者概念的认知。这一次,他们再次为顾客带来的另一个惊喜,就是这四款的特色千层冰皮月饼。这款特别冰皮月饼在九月一日开始在全国23间Vanilla Crepe分行销售,至九月三十日为止。

– 特色香草彩虹口味
– 巧克力口味
– 芒果口味
– 斑兰口味
** 冷食口感更佳



Are you looking for a unique moon cake in this upcoming mid-autumn festival?

Check out our special festive mooncake Moon Crepes by Vanilla Crepe™️ made with our signature mille crepes and soft snow skin.

Malaysia’s 1st Mille Moon Crepe by Vanilla Crepe™️:

  • Soft and chewy snow skin texture. Best to be eaten chilled.
  • Non-greasy, no sugar, no preservatives.
  • Each box contains 4 different flavours using premium imported ingredients:

Special Vanilla Rainbow
Midnight Choc

Free gifts with love

Special Handwritten message on note card
Free Ice pack (reusable)


Rm99 per box for the first 500 customers!!! (NP Rm118)

Time to WOW your family and friends with this limited edition snow skin moon crepe. It will be a great gift for your loved ones.

Available now from 1st – 30th September in ALL 23 Vanilla Crepe™️ outlets nationwide or order online via

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