Menate Steak

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Menate Steak House or also known as Menate Steak Hub is a restaurant located in Ampang. This restaurant specializes in none other than steak. It is known as one of the best restaurant that serves the best steak ever.

The owner and founder of the restaurant is Mr Mustaffa Othman, who have ten years of highly valuable experience as a master chef and butcher back from his olden times in Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom. Therefore, he is well equipped with knowledge on meat, butchery and cookery. With his experience and passion, Menate Steak House in Ampang is opened in 2009. The name Menate means animal in Bahasa Kelantan. Due to overwhelming and positive feedback from customers, more branches have been opened across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The restaurants are also managed by the owner’s son, Muhammad Ezman Mustaffa. They have been in the meat industry and business for almost ten years.  


Menate Steak House has a very simple yet modern decoration with both metal and wood elements. Regardless of the design, it offers customers with a very comfortable and nice ambience. The focus is still on the food. To order food here, you can go through the available menu as usual. Then, you can go to the freezers to select your steak, which are packed in vacuum to maintain the freshness. There are so many meat sections for you to choose from such as rib eyes, tenderloin, sub-primal cut wagyu, sirloin, black angus, t-bone and New York strip. The friendly staffs can definitely assist you. Once you have chosen the steak that you preferred, hand it over to the staff and also let him or her know about your preference cooking temperature either rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well and well done. In addition, you can choose your preferred sauce, mushroom, black pepper or garlic-rosemary. After completed with all your selections, sit back and wait for the food to be ready and served. Do enjoy your drink at the mean time.


Back to the food in Menate Steak House, the bestseller is the Wagyu beef. Beside this, the Angus Striploin is also another recommended dish. No matter what your order is, all steaks are grilled perfectly in order satisfy customers’ appetite. Apart from the steaks or main course, remember to check out the available appetizers and side dishes. To end your scrumptious meal course, remember to treat yourself with delicious desserts. The restaurants have three branches, in Ampang, Setapak and Bangi.

All in all, the dining experience in Menate Steak House will never let you down, with good food at reasonable price. This place is highly recommended for lunch or dinner, family or friends gathering as well as special events like birthdays, pre-wedding night or anniversaries.