Nam Heong Express Grab and Go

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Nam Heong Express Grab and Go

一碟 #南香嗱喳海南咖喱饭 仲好食过双刀火鸡的嗱喳面~

依家系#南香快车道 就可以买到啦! 打包到过数只需30秒速战速决~


It will take some time before we can travel with a peace of mind. So let us take you on a journey to Hainan island! 🌴🌊
Taste the delicious #HainanMessyCurryRice right in KL only at Nam Heong.

Hainan’s spectacularly fragrant curry sauce with garlic, roasted crispy chicken, curry pork skin served on pearly white rice. Just typing it out makes us drool 🤤

It’s available right now! Just Grab and Go at Nam Heong Express!
What’re you waiting for? Come on over and taste some messy, authentic goodness.