Roasted Turkey Malaysia

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Roasted turkeys tend to be synonymous with festives such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The problem is not everyone enjoys its rougher and dryer texture of meat.

The Super Capon, a large, castrated roasted rooster may be a considered replacement should you require a roasted poultry fit for a feast that will appeal to a wider audience. It may not be a turkey but at least it is a rather large chicken. And how many of us don’t fancy a nicely cooked chicken except maybe vegans and vegetarians?

“The capon is definitely tastier than the turkey. It is less fibrous and dry,” says PD Ostrich Show Farm marketing head Chris Lee, the supplier of the super capon amongst other meats.

Convinced that the Super C as he calls it, has the potential to give the turkey tradition a run for their money – with chicken being a more generally accepted meat -, we were invited by Lee to Fontana Cafe and Catering at Seri Kembangan, Selangor, one of the diners he supplies, to give us a tasting preview of the large chicken in its roasted form.

We have to say, the meat´s texture was tender and felt as though it melted at first bite. Not something we were expecting from a larger than normal chicken. With a choice of between mint, orange and cranberry flavours, mint stood out the most.

“Traditionally, the Chinese would prepare the capon by blanching to savour its texture and flavour. In the West, capons are usually roasted,” said Lee.

Lee explains that the secret though, is that not all capons are the same as the breeding process will bring out the best in the chicken´s meat. In Lee´s case the chickens were not given growth or hormone boosters just plenty of food and exercise.

Those on his farm he pointed out, are free ranging. The birds are therefore supplemented with a diet of grass and other natural food picked up from the ground.

And that is only the first half of it. After being neutered, the birds need another 100 days – much longer than conventional chickens reared for consumption – before they are ready for consumption. By then, their weight would have soared from 1kg at caponisation to almost 5kg.

Priced at RM65 and above, the Super C capons are now available for booking at Fontana or directly with PD Ostrich Farm for the Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year festives. The availability of the capon is however limited so be quick while stocks last.

“The farm raises only a limited number of birds to ensure quality. We cannot guarantee everyone will have a capon feast but we can guarantee that those who get a Super C will have a luxurious feast,” says Lee.

You need to pay a RM50 booking fee which will be returned in the event birds are not available due to unforeseen circumstances. The fee will not be returned should change your mind about taking delivery for any reason.

Collection may then be made at Fontana.