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Restaurant Tak Fok at Aman Puri

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Rate this placeRestaurant Tak Fok located at Aman Puri, restaurant owner from Hong Kong, and this restaurant had been operate more 20 years, specialise on Seafood cuisine. Their special dishes is dry salted eggs crab which is so much different from normal wet one. 得福小厨 得福小厨在甲洞开了20多年,精通各式海鲜料理而且用的都是上等靓材料,再加上几十年专业的厨艺,就为了让你吃得更物超所值! Restaurant Tak Fok Address 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa…

Fei Fei Crab Restaurant

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Rate this place About eleven years ago, Fei Fei Crab was started by their chef-owner Tan Nam Kun in Kepong. Fei Fei offers eight types of crab dishes. High on the order list is their most popular item, the claypot kam heong butter crab. Unlike the spicy fragrant kam heong version found in most restaurants,…