Tiger White

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Tiger released a new variant of their so called beer in Malaysia dubbed the Tiger White. According to Guinness Anchor GAB (The company that brews Tiger) , there are added ingredients in the beer.

Tiger White is available at food court and shopping center. Although it can be a bit hard to find it. Do expect this drink to be a little more expansive compared to your normal Tiger. The beer do tend to look a bit murkier than normal Tiger beer. As of lagers, this beer is best served cold.

This beer is not as bad as Radler which is a seriously pathetic soft drink with alcohol. Tiger White does not have the bitter beer taste however a bit of fragrance due to added ingredients. According to Tiger’s site, it has a bit of added orange peel , clove and some uninteresting ingredients. This is perhaps not a good drink for serious beer drinker and suits female or younger audience who have no experience in beer.