VANILLA CREPE x VANZO x AMAZING BABY = Extraordinary Mooncake

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VANILLA CREPE x VANZO x AMAZING BABY = Extraordinary Mooncake

When creativity moves beyond, we are no ordinary mooncake.

Together with Amazing Time Machine and VANZO, we create a collection of tri-brand extravaganza mille crepe moncake gift set.

1) A stylish logo of [VANZO] on mille crepe mooncake.
2) Special mooncake box designed by [AMAZING BABY].
3) Scan the QR code on the mooncake box to get a special Mid-Autumn background photo shoot with your family. This photo technology is brought to you by [AMAZING TIME MACHINE], the world 1st online photography technology service.

Grab this [Limited Edition Moon Crepe Set] right now!
Each box contains 4 different flavours using premium imported ingredients:
✅ Original Vanilla – real vanilla beans from Madagascar
✅ Bamboo Charcoal – Jet black with gold dust
✅ Sakura Pink Rose 🌸 Sakura Flower Extract from Japan
✅ Wild Blueberry – USA Blueberry

🌟 Free gifts with love 😍
✓ Special Handwritten message on note card
✓ Free Ice pack (reusable)

Pre order Rm118 per box for the first 500 customers!!! (NP Rm198)
Available now from 16th – 30th September in ALL 23 Vanilla Crepe™️ outlets nationwide or order online

全马首创冰皮千层月饼─Amazing VANZO Vanilla🥮😍
三强联手体验质感中秋 创新味蕾体验全球首创冰皮千层月饼❗
#大马第一健康汽车香氛 – Vanzo
#大马第一千层蛋糕连锁企业 – Vanilla Crepe
#国际摄影大师 – Amazing Baby

Amazing Vanzo Vanilla冰皮千层月饼口味创新😍


冰皮千层月饼─Amazing Vanzo Vanilla口味

✓ 精致手写留言卡
✓ 限量冰袋(可循环)

预购可享有优惠 118 令吉(原价 198 令吉),只限首 500 位顾客。

如今也能在全马23间 Vanilla Crepe™️ 的门店购买!


Vanilla Crepe 分行
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