Yamaguchi Fish Market Delivery

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Yamaguchi Fish Market Delivery

Come come seafood seafood! Stay at home also can eat nice SEAFOOD! What’s more, Yamaguchi Fish Market also have Meals Subscription delivery starting at RM 14.80 ONLY!】

Seafood is always something that we eat outside, may it be steamed fish, lobsters…oysters etc., but today, Yamaguchi Fish Market deliver the most delicious SEAFOOD to your HOME! Just visit our ala-carte menu

http://bit.ly/YamaguchiMenu (HOTLINE – 0122682816)

Here at Yamaguchi Fish Market also do Meals Subscriptions starting at RM 14.80 only! Along with our SAFETY SEAL for our food, they guarantee you a safe and amazing LUNCH or DINNER~
Yamaguchi Fish Market (No pork No lard)

Delivery Menu📝
1 Day – RM17.80 each nett
5 Days – RM15.80 each nett = RM79 nett
7 Days – RM14.80 each nett = RM103.60 nett
Food delivery ordering
Free delivery within 5km!!!

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Yamaguchi Fish Market

Ala-carte orders available too should you crave something fancy~ hehe

http://bit.ly/YamaguchiMenu (HOTLINE – 0122682816)