Kenyze’s Store CNY Cookies and Snacks

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Kenyzestore CNY Cookies and Snacks

Kenyze’s Store now open for pre-order for CNY Cookies and snacks. You can order them as a gift to friends, clients, or family members, cookies always the best gift during CNY. Everyone loves to have cookies while chit chatting or group activities.

NOW, Kenyze’s Store have 4 new products:
Classic Choc Chip Cookies
Mix Choc Chip w Almond Cookies
Haebee Shrimp Rolls
Bird Nest Drink
If you’re looking to send some CNY gifts, here’s 2 of their specially curated CNY sets to pick from.
Of course, Kenyze’s Store can also customise something for you based on your budget.
Beside Cookies, Kenyze’s Store also have Homemade Arrowhead Chips. This is unlike Shrimp chips, this is much more crispy and rich in favours.
Homemade Arrowhead Chips, also known as Chiku/Ngaku by local Chinese.
2 for RM35
1 for RM20
100% Homemade
No preservatives/sugar/salt/msg
CNY is around the corner, do make your order as early as you can to avoid delivery “traffic jam”.
Order with Kenyze’s Store via WhatsApp